Mobdro on Roku TV

If you have a Roku TV player you can also install Mobdro on it. With the Mobdro APK, you can install Mobdro on Roku TV and start streaming movies live on the TV media player and end your subscription fee to enjoy a totally free service from Mobdro.

Mobdro is an entertaining platform where you can watch free movies online on your smartphone without a subscription and a registration. To start using Mobdro on Android phones you only need to download and install the APK app since the app is not available in play store.

For iOS users, such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad, users only need to sideload Mobdro on their iOS 11 or iOS 12 devices to start streaming movies on their devices for free and without any monthly or weekly charges.

Also, a PC and Mac user is not exclusive in this great offer. You can also bring Mobdro to your Smart TV to enjoy free to air from Mobdro without subscribing to a cable-free to air.

However, here in this article, we’d help bring Mobdro to your Roku TV to start enjoying Roku on your Roku TV all for free.

The most important pre-requisite for using Mobdro on Roku TV is that both device or app must be on the same network. If you are using WiFi, both Roku TV and Mobdro app must be connected to the same WiFi otherwise you’d not be able to connect your Roku to Mobdro for online movies and videos streaming.

Once the two devices are connected to a single network kindly follow the procedures below to download and install Mobdro on Roku TV.

Mobdro on Roku TV

Install Mobdro on Roku TV

Here is how to start using Mobdro on Roku TV for free.

  • Power-on your Roku TV >> Settings >> Screen Mirror >> Enable
  • Download and install Mobdro on your Android smartphone and start playing a movie you want to mirror to your Roku TV
  • On your smartphone select “cast” feature to start the connection between your phone and the Roku TV using the “Mirror” feature
  • On your Roku TV, the TV will show the name of your phone kindly select to pair both the TV and your smartphone with Mobdro together.
  • Now, your smartphone screen will be mirrored to your Roku TV and all that is showing on your mobile screen will be shown as well on your Roku.

As simple as the approaches look, this has been the best way to install Mobdro on Roku TV using a mobile phone cast feature and Roku TV mirror feature without installing Mobdro add-on on Roku TV.

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