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Mobdro is one of the best free video streaming apps. The application has become very popular nowadays because of its features only. It allows you to watch liveTV, sports, news, and movies on your Android device as well as on your PC and TV too. If you haven’t gotten the Mobdro APK Download yet on your Android, then you are at right place. Let discuss the Mobdro premium vs regular version

In this series, we are going to share How to download Mobdro APK and how to upgrade your Mobdro’s freemium version to premium version. What are the special features is available in Mobdro premium version? We will cover these all points in this series. So now let’s start the guide.

Mobdro APK download

Mobdro APK Download | Mobdro Premium Version

  • Versions of Mobdro App

Mobdro launch it’s two version “Freemium and Premium“. Freemium version is free to use while premium version is paid. But there are sure you will get some special features if you use the premium version of Mobdro. Find out below Modbro’s premium features.

  • How to Download Mobdro Premium

If you are thinking to download Mobdro premium app then surely it will help you. Guys, Mobdro’s developers haven’t launched any separate app for its premium version.

If you want to use Mobdro premium app then you don’t need to download any other mobdro premium app rather, you just need to upgrade your freemium mobdro version to premium. So now the question comes that How to upgrade freemium version to premium?

  • Upgrade Freemium To Premium

After successfully downloading the freemium version of Mobdro, you can simply move on to the premium version of the app by quickly taping the logo and choosing the “Go Premium“.

  • Mobdro Premium Features
  1. Premium version of Mobdro is completely ads free means when you streaming Mobdro, you are no longer to see any ads on the app.
  2. Mobdro’s premium version is enabled to download streams and save in your device.
  3. Support chromecast for streaming videos on big screen.
  4. Sleep time is available in Mobdro Premium version.
  • Rental for Mobdro Premium

How much you will have to pay for using Premium Mobdro. As per sources, It comes to know that Mobdro’s premium version charge is approx $3, but it is not confirmed that is it monthly charges or yearly charges? So keep visiting us for official updates.

This was the complete guide on Mobdro APK Download and upgrading your version from freemium to premium. Hope you enjoyed. Stay connected with us for more official updates about Mobdro.

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